2024 Spring /Summer Color Trend Data Analysis

by cocofu

For the S/S 2024 color trends, emphasis should be placed on the practical and classic use of black. Gray and blue are key colors; summer ocean blue and natural neutral tones express the desire for joyful vacations and outdoor activities. Romantic pink and pastel colors are practical while also providing a gentle healing effect. Enchanting reds and vibrant bright colors become crucial for social parties, creating an exuberant and exhilarating atmosphere. The calm gray integrates understated elegance into the minimalist urban setting, bringing asense of quiet strength.

Color Analysis

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Key Points Summary: This season’s key color proportions are dominated by eternal colors such as black (25.6%) and gray (20.6%), indicating that conservative and practical classic colors continue to garner high attention in current fashion trends. Summer ocean blue (15.9%) offers a bright and clean visual experience, presenting a natural healing and joyful vacation atmosphere; outdoor hiking (10%) holds a popular position, with inclusive outdoor neutral tones applied in outdoor sports and casual professional attire. Pink (6.2%) employs floral primaries, bringing the ultimate expression of gentle and romantic femininity; vanilla ice cream (4.8%) introduces a light pastel palette that brings soft healing to the city; enchanting red (8%) and dopamine bright colors (9.1%) create a vibrant party feast.

Summer Ocean

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With the arrival of summer, the popularity of blue hues continues to rise. Aquarius blue (+72%) is one of the very important monochromes this season. Its saturated and bright color is full of youthful vitality, reflecting the joyful seaside holiday atmosphere. This season’s lichen blue (+35%) is deep and tranquil, used in urban attire to shape an elegant and calm female image. The subtle Aruba blue (+12%), with its elegant hues like a calm lake, is suited for use in tailored dress styles.

Outdoor Hiking

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Influenced by the natural environment, the trend of outdoor hiking is on the rise, with eco-friendly natural colors and sandy-textured earth tones becoming popular across seasons. Desert Dust (+57%) and Sage Green (+44%) create a serene and inherently textured natural beauty, suitable for refined and comfortable outdoor leisure looks, offering a comfortable and natural visual experience. Practical Anise Seed (+26%) is used to craft avant-garde athletic apparel; Vintage Honey Yellow (+29%) is ideal for utilitarian garments, providing a unique visual experience.

Romantic Blush

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Pink continues the fall-winter trend to become a popular color for spring and summer, creating romantic and gentle feminine items. Low-saturation Lilac Snow (+8%) pairs a grey-toned pink with textured glossy leather, highlighting a unique rock girl vibe. Pink Cosmos (+56%) combined with flowing, draping fabrics, exhibits a sense of lightness and romance; the soft and delicate Crabapple Pink (+17%) with ruffle accents further emphasizes the sweetness of youth; Crystal Rose (+37%) displays a creamy essence, enhanced with textured materials to add depth to the color.


VanillaIce Cream

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A grey-toned pastel palette provides a boundless fantasy realm for busy urban dwellers. Vanilla Cream (+63%) is a warm and soft color, blending orange into pink. Meadow Green (+69%) with its clear water hue is delicate and has a healing quality.

Pale Yellow (+14%) and Dutch Canal Blue (+28%), both low-saturation shades, have become new staples for each spring and summer season. While their growth is modest, they play a significant role in the proportion of pastel colors.

Dopamine Gems

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Ultra-bright colors are becoming increasingly popular, with glamorous jewel tones and acid aesthetics crafting striking appearances that cater to vibrant holidays and elusive party themes, aligning with the current pursuit of refined living.

Technologically inspired Dazzling Blue (+55%) and Acidic Sparkle Green (+49%), along with the sunlight’s Imperial Yellow (+36%) and the continuation of Autumn-Winter’s Hot Pink (+97%), reflect the strong inclusivity of the new generation of young consumers.


Enchanting Red

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The red color family represents passion and vividness. Rich red-orange (+49%) and flame red (+27%) have become very important colors, key to creating party festivities, emphasizing striking and bold visual effects, and conveying emotions of passion, sensitivity, and joy.

Soft peach pink (+29%) and persimmon (+11%) can be used in everyday commuting items or party outfits, shaping a mature and elegant social look.

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Gray stands out as a popular color this season, emphasizing its importance. Low-saturation tones like Pigeon Gray (+57%) and Lilac Gray (+16%) combined with soft materials are suitable for both professional urban settings and a feminine sporty style.

Compass Gray (+36%) is an extremely pure gray, inherently imbued with a calm and sophisticated character, possessing a sense of quiet strength.

Dark Gothic


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The return of black as a classic and eternal color also serves as an expression of attitude, emphasizing individualized traits. Bizarre and darkly gothic styles are garnering significant attention in current fashion trends.

Key details for Dark Gothic include: Exquisite lace material (+89%)

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